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 Kurohyou Karasu Nacht

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PostSubject: Kurohyou Karasu Nacht    Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:59 pm

Name: Kurohyou Karasu Nacht
(Kurohyou means Black Panther in Japanese, Karasu means Raven in Japanese, Nacht means Night in German)
Nickname: ankoku no ouji (Prince of Darkness)
Age: Looks as if 32 years old. His real age is unknown
Height/ Weight: 182.88 cm [6’0]/ Near 160-170 pounds
Hair Color/ Eye Color: Jet Raven Black/ Crisp Dark Gold
Hair Style/ Eye Formation: Silky Smooth with perfect grooming, his hair reaches near the end of his back. Completely covers his back near to mid waist and is easily flowing when the wind blows by/ Crisp gold with black pupils and has been known to become slits but only when he is mad, or his pupils will expand in size when he is thinking and or has seen something interesting.
Birthday/ Time: February 8th (Metal Dragon, Zodiac)/ 7:30 am

Complexion/ Markings: Creamy White coloration, it is perfect and is known to be crisp white/ Has been known to have a black tattoo on the center of his back. It follows his spine really and that is all he has. He also has a few faded scars or his wrists, palm, and arms from where he cuts himself.

Accents/ Voice Tone: Has a bit of a accent, it is a mixture of English/ German/ Russian/ and British with a hint of Japanese. Really his accents are fused and you can tell that right away/ His tone of voice is silky and is a sexy low sort of voice which would catch almost everyones attention. His voice has been known to become high at times but only when he yells and a almost deafening low when he is sad or is thinking on other matters.
Talents: Cooking, Cleaning, Organizing, Listening, Leadership, First Aid, Martial Arts, Following Orders, Disobeying Orders, Reading fastly, Taking notes, Fixing things, Making medicine, Making potions and a few others things which may help himself and others especially not judging people and or making them feel better.

Other Abnormal Talents: Stubbornness, Determination, Will-Power, Sturdiness, Photographic Memory, High Level of stamina, and being observant.

Flaws: Artistic skills are lightly to a major horrible, Brewing tea and or Coffee is something he just can’t seem to do but is still trying to do and has been known to just buy easy to make Coffee or Tea but still struggles with making it, and he can‘t seem to make his own clothes to which he will go out shopping for some clothes do to this flaw for the only thing he can make is blankets and or small handkerchiefs.

Other Abnormal Flaws: Has a bit of a drinking habit as well as a cutting himself habit.

Likes: Sight-seeing, Working on something no matter what it is, Shopping, Freshly Brewed Coffee, Chicken Salad, Chewing gum (Spicy kind, Mint kind), Star-gazing, Mints, Mint smelling cologne, Rain, Thunder (Helps him sleep), Cats, Lizards, Steak, Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, and Vanilla ice cream and or Chocolate with mint bits. With a few other things he likes, he really isn’t picky to what he does or wants to try out

Dislikes: Criminals, Robbers, Backstabbers, People who use others, Kids and or babies who are sad as well as crying, Women who are abused or used by other man, Bloodshed, Getting Ill, Betrayal, Heartbreak on himself or on others, Constant fighting, and Being left behind as well as being alone.

Kurohyou Karasu Nacht’s Personality is made up in what others say a five section.

First Section: Normal
Second Section: Abnormal
Third Section: Moderate
Fourth Section: Hard
Fifth Section: Extreme

Kurohyou Karasu Nacht is pretty normal but to others he seems to be abnormal. In this case, his sections aren’t really his personality its just how he acts as well as how he reacts. To put it simply, he is a common man.


Blunt, Kind, Caring, Mature, Mysterious, Lightly Seductive to Very Seductive [Rarely, but has been known to do it to “Kiss-up“], Sarcastic at times, Serious [Hardly, he sees himself laid back but can‘t help it if he is Serious at times], Gothic or being Emo at times like if something died [Like a animal or friend died], Stubborn, Determined, Dependent, Responsible, Persuasive [When he talks about things like life or the future], Dark natured, Sensitive around friends or loved ones, Smart or Wise at times, Distant [When he thinks or works on something like reading, cooking, making medicines etc.], Fatherly at times, Soothing Aura about him, Charming, Courageous as well as at times being Out-going.

Gentle, Light Denial, Rusty Innocence, and Blandness makes a one of a kind character with a dry setting.

Being Common is the only thing he can do, and at almost all times he is pretty much a average guy that has trouble since he was born and unanswered questions now as well as later. He is easily open and will give anyone any support either it being emotional or mental.

Fears: The sight of blood, Extremely high heights, Loud gunshots or explosions, Death of a loved one or friend, Being alone, Dying alone.
Race: Devil
Job: Doctor

IQ: His IQ is above average of that of a 130. When he is working it seems to rise near a 190 to a 210. Other times when he isn’t working and is just sight seeing or shopping it is known to drop dramatically only cause he loves to tease himself and others by making them believe that he is stupid which he is not. The highest which his IQ has been known to reach is 310 to a 400. This is good when he is treating paitents.

Known Weapons
Smarts/ Cleverness/ Slyness.
Speed/ Flexibility
Fists/ Feet/ Claws.
Other weapons: Brass Knuckles which he places them on during battle, Steel plated heels along with soles of his shoes/ Hidden dagger blades which he draws out from his sleeves. He will also use his fangs and strong jaw structure to wound a enemy. At times, he will use his fairly short claws to damage the enemies skin.

Village: Osami
Siding: Neutral
Story: Kurohyou Karasu Nacht has always been traveling around different villages, he has also traveled all over the world and has many notes on medicine. He came here due to the fact that he heard that many people needed help with wounds and such and has been training to be a doctor. He is great at what he does and his cleverness helps with that. Many people find him dangerous only due to his looks, Kurohyou Karasu Nacht will most certainly do any job and enjoys seeing people well and healthy. Other things about him are mysterious and yet at the same time alluring. One great trait from him is if someone is to sick he will go to them.

(^^;; sorry if this is to long, I planned this out as you can tell. lol.)

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Kurohyou Karasu Nacht
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