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 Yoruchi the Dark Neko

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PostSubject: Yoruchi the Dark Neko   Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:01 pm

Name: Yoruchi (which means night blood Razz)
Age: 19
Race: Cat anthro (Neko)
Job: Tis teacher, to teach those lil' brats some MANNERS! XD
Weapon: His favorite is a Khopesh, which looks like this:
He also carry's a long bow (, and two daggers (one under his shirt and the other strapped to his boot), though, he's usually found using his Khopesh.
Village: Kuroyoto
Siding: Dark
Story: Yoruchi had grown up in Kuroyoto, learning to give no care for most things. He lived alone, having killed his parents when he turned sixteen, for they had tried to side with the bright ones, attempting to convince him to as well. He became a teacher at the age of eighteen, ready to teach young Kuroyoto villagers how to destroy the bright side and salute to Daisuke with strong arms.

Other: Not many people know about it, but Yoru has a secret. His secret is the Kitty of Doom. Not much information can be told about this secret, for the only way you would know is if one, you knew Yoru very well, or two, he was about to kill you. Tee hee Razz
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Yoruchi the Dark Neko
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