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PostSubject: --[Rules]--   Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:31 pm


Okay, once you've joined the first thing you should do is read the rules if you haven't already. If you're on that step than you've come to the right place. Afterwards type up a character profile and post it. The longer and more detailed the better. While waiting for it to be accepted I ask that you don't role play yet but you are allowed to post in the Out of Character threads. Once I or another Admin has accepted your profile then you can go onto role playing. If you ever want to edit or add to your character profile you will find it in the Accepted Character Profiles category. The rules with having more than one character is that you can have as many as you want, and you don't even need to have more than one account. All you need to do is colour code your charcters and make a seperate profile for each one. You only need to do this if you have more than one. Another good idea would be to have your signiture state which colour is for which character. If you don't want to do that then just post it in your character profiles and we will need to check.

So now that we've covered charcters let's cover the rules for role playing. If you want to do sexual activities with another character on the role play that's fine. You can post all of the things leading up to it on the forums but once it comes to actually doing it, you need to start PMing. When you get to that part you just post as if you woke up later on in the day or you came back the next day, whatever, as long as you don't actually post it. On this site you are allowed to swear but don't over use that or I will change that. Remember I am the mighty founder and I can change bassically anything on this site.

Another thing that is important is god-modding. I don't allow it so here's the deal. If you want to kill off a character that isn't your own you must have the role player of that character's consent to kill their character. If you want to cause major injury that would affect the character forever or for a very long time afterwards you need to have the other character's permission. However, if you want to just hurt the other character you can with out consent. Also when fighting a character remeber that no one's perfect. You can't always get a hit and miss being hit.

When it comes to the grammer used when posting, I ask that you use the best spelling as you can. If it's in Out of character context you can say 'lol' 'g2g' and all of those types of things but saying 'l8er' 'srry' or just completely not even trying to spell a word is not apreciated. Use punctuation periods, commas, quotation marks, ect. If you're not sure to spell a word you could always do your best then beside the word put (sp?) which stands for spelling. It's bassically like showing that you're not sure if you spelled the word correctly.

I also have created a point system. If you show active roleplaying and you don't break rules. You will get points. If you do something for the site like graphic design then you will earn points. If you do something for me specifically you will also earn points. You can trade favours for points among yourselves but you need points to do that. Please don't ask for moderation or admin rights because that's what the points earn you. Also they can buy you your own category for your house or anything else you choose. For example, say you want to act as the owner of a building you could buy a category and tell me what you want to name it and what forums you want in there then I can do it. If you buy a category you have the right to make another forum when ever you want free of charge.

I also ask that if you have joined this site you plan on staying active. It's annoying to wait for a month for someone to reply to a post. Also if we have a lot of characters that never come online I will probably delete them. If you know that you may not be online for awhile because you're going on vacation or you don't have internet just PM me and expalin. I will make a mental note of it and not do anything to your account. Don't expect me to just know though, I'm not a physcic.

Now if you violate any of these rules this is how the consequences will work. The first time you get a warning, if you get a warning you should reveiw the rules just so you're aware of all the rules. If you violate the same rule twice you automatically get banned for 3 days (or more, depending on how active you are). If you violate a different rule than the first time you get another wanring. After that though the amount of time you get banned will increase with each violation. If it becomes really bad than I will just completely bann you.

If someone violates one of these rules and you notice it PM me and state which topic it is and all the other stuff I would need to know to check it out myself. I will reward you with points.

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