The Kuro Saga

A story based fantasy roleplay. Find the story here.
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The war between good and evil has begun. Daisuke, the dark ruler has taken refuge in an unaware human's body. Her name is Kiki Morita. For Daisuke this is the perfect place to hide, because this poor human lives in a secluded village, that is one of the few that are not aware of the war going on. This village is called, Osami. The light ruler, Yuki can't just attack the person that he's taken refuge in. The few villages that are not aware of the war are, Osami and Kyoshi. The land that is owned by Yuki is call Shiroyoto and the land owned by Daisuke is called Kuroyoto. What will happen when Daisuke starts to reveal himself in this young girl's body, all hell breaks loose.

One day Kiki and Kitsune, the fox anthro that lives with her and Grandpa, went on a chore that involved going to Shiroyoto. On the way they got attacked and Kitsune was poisoned. They had to stop at the hospital in Kyoshi. It was there that Kiki met Nana and Kano. These two work for Daisuke and could tell that he was hiding inside of Kiki. They hated eachother but pretended to get along to get Kiki out of the hospital and away from Kitsune.

They ended up helping in the search for a cure for the poison. Since Kano was the one that poisoned Kitsune he was the most useful. Kano and the fox anthro from the hospital found a cure, but it turned out that while they were searching Nana had ran off with Kiki.

Nana had decided that it was in Kiki's best interest to try and live a normal life after all of this. So she decided to search for Kitsune who had awoken and gone searching for Kiki. She found him and was about to leave when Kitsune went crazy and started attacking everyone in sight. He spoke of how he has to free "him". Nana, Kano and Kiki worked together to knock Kitsune unconcious and tied him to a tree. Then Nana brought Kano to the hospital and Kiki went to visit Grandpa.

Kitsune started heading towards Kyoto while controlling large flames to destroy the village. After getting close enough to Kyoto he realized that Kiki wasn't there and started heading towards Osami. There he found Kiki and abducted her after destroying the entire village. Kitsune brought Kiki to Daisuke's kingdom. There she fell asleep and was unconscious for a while. When she awoke, Nana, Kano and the normal Kitsune had rescued her and brought her to Shiroyoto, where they now reside.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the story please send me a PM.
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